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Posted in News on Sunday, August 2, 2015
The Catalyst - San Diego's Rock and Metal Press has some questions, and maybe you have the answers. Here is the first one - Which 21 and up venues in San Diego County provide the best overall music experience? We want to know who and why. Here are some things to consider when making your choice - 1. Stage - Is is large enough to accommodate a large band or those with large drum setups? 2. Sound - Is the sound quality inside the venue balanced and at a good volume? 3. Cleanliness of venue and restrooms - Would your girlfriend go here? 4. Parking - Is there parking? Do you have to walk a mile through a seedy area to get to your car? 5. Professional Staff - Is the staff friendly, welcoming, and professional? 6. Beverages and Food...
Hails and Horns with BEHEADING THE KING!
Posted in Articles on Thursday, July 23, 2015
The demon growls, deathly barks, and skull splitting screeches delivered by vocalist Alex Garcia are barbarically inhuman; curdling the blood of any headbanger within earshot. As the lefthanded vocalist cracks his mic cable across the stage Alex commands his audience to either move forward towards the stage or throw themselves into the frantic mosh pit. Bassist Ricardo Ruiz and guitarist Cruz Aguilar tightly groove and pummel rhythm and riffs as if suffering from an unrelenting and unholy possession. Fingers fly as the Beheading The King guitarists saw and shred their way through their fretboards mercilessly. Ruben Gomez stands upright behind his drums in between songs hailing, beckoning, and enticing the crowd before posturing himself back onto his throne booming thunder and lightning from his kit with a fury. Beheading The King is undeniable Death Metal brutality at its most precise yet raw and uncensored. This band indisputably permeates the senses...
Whispers in the Dark - An interview with Lurid Memory
Posted in Articles on Friday, February 20, 2015
Today’s extreme metal scene is saturated with copycats. These bands play it safe by being excessively technical and never experimenting with anything that isn’t considered “metal”. This trend has cheapened the genre and has made it seem acceptable for bands to sound generic. San Diego’s own Lurid Memory is driven to transition metal into a new era of creativity. They are a band that refuses to play it safe and carry on the numerous clichés of extreme metal. For the first time in years, here emerges a San Diego death metal band that dares to journey outside of what is considered “death metal”. Incorporating clean guitars, soundscapes, and soulful solos, Lurid Memory travels beyond the periphery of the expected. Lurid Memory is: Oscar Padilla Glenn Davis Aaron Ashby Romeo Chris Boodhoo Nokea Photo by Jason Bang HM: So Glenn, how did you get into...
Hails and Horns with Detonated!
Posted in Articles on Sunday, February 1, 2015
"By the violent blast of Detonated!" snarls frontman and lead guitarist James Palmer - through clenched teeth with horns held high initiating the show and rallying the masses! For those in the know, many moons ago, Megadeth, D.R.I., Metallica, and Sick Of It All went out for drinks and their ensuing inebriation(s) resulted in a one night stand of sonic orgy. Thus the progeny Detonated was ultimately spawned from this fateful night. Now hailing from Encinitas, North County San Diego, this dynamic trio doles out the goods for thrash fiends and hardcore punks alike spanning the globe. Detonated songs are extremely well composed thrash musically and are lyrically charged with scenes of war, political corruption, demonic tales of evil, with dark shades of both morality and sanity gone awry. Rounding out the troops for this thrash beast is bassist extraordinaire Dwight Hoy and percussive maniac Travis Harvey. Detonated's ten...
Hails and Horns with RDG!
Posted in Articles on Thursday, January 1, 2015
San Diego is home to the most talented breed of musicians this planet has to offer hands down with no questions asked. Amongst the creme of the crop stands an omnipotent trio that not only harnesses originality but exudes a stage presence that truly captivates their audience. RDG is a unique "must see" band live who consistently performs for a stronghold of national touring acts. Let's take a moment to really understand the true definition of the word unique. Unique is an adjective derivative from the Latin word "unicus" meaning to be the only one, rare, or uncommon. With that definition in mind let's imagine music itself as an elixir. The RDG elixir is uniquely brewed and steeped deep within the Blues, fortified with a Rock and Roll groove, resulting in a savory concoction with just a perfect spritz of Metal. With RDG you get a...

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